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About Exarc

Exarc Skylights, Inc. has a diversified product line that fills the needs of a wide range of skylight requirements. The company manufactures metal framed, residential, commercial and unit skylights with both glass and plastic glazing. Exarc offers products that will accommodate most of the architect's and builder's specific design criteria. With a focus on quality and "on time" delivery, the company guarantees that when your skylight leaves our manufacturing facility it will always fit your field conditions precisely. Exarc's engineering department offers one-on-one technical assistance to architects and designers on all projects, particularly those with special custom design requirements. Geometry and special configurations are almost unlimited with Exarc's system. In view of our streamlined production procedures and pre-engineered designs, Exarc offers a relatively short lead time on custom size skylights.

Exarc Skylight Specialties

Acrylic Glazed Ridge Skylight with Thermal Bent Acrylic at Ridge

Custom pitch, width and length, single or double glazing. Self curbing unit with mounting flange and insulated curb.

Various Geometric Configurations

Custom design to suit project requirements.

Cluster Skylights with Thermal-Formed Acrylic Domes or Pyramids

Aluminum frame curb mount cluster skylight system with integral gutters to mount on a flashed curb, (by others), and gutter support (by others) parallel to slope. All intersections at gutters, (per module) shop welded.

Configurations – Glazed, pre-assembled modules.
Modular maximum width 5'-0", Modular maximum length 16'-0" per sloped run.
Recommended slope 1/8" per 12".

Protective Screen Covers

Screen Covers protect skylights from breakage due to wind-borne debris or vandalism. Attaches to glazing retainer. Can be retro-fitted to existing skylights. Installs on site. 2" x 4" mesh electroplated welded steel wire. Fits most size skylights to maximum width 60". 3/16" diameter wire, designed to sustain 200 lb. load.

Circle Skylights

C-SCDD – Circle, Self Curbing Double Dome
C-SCSD – Circle, Self Curbing Single Dome
C-CMDD – Circle, Curb Mount Double Dome
C-CMSD – Circle, Curb Mount Single Dome

Glazing to be thermal formed acrylic domes.
EPDM gaskets, stainless steel fasteners.
Standard Finish: mill aluminum.
Standard Acrylic Glazing Colors: Clear, Bronze Tinted (#2412), White Translucent (#2447), and Grey Tinted (#2064). Specify local code requirements for design loads. Unshielded skylights are not designed to withstand any additional applied loads (eg. sitting or standing on skylight).

Custom Sizes Available

Curb Mount
Exarc factory assembled, fabricated aluminum frame circular skylight to fit flashed circular curb by others. Skylight design to weep moisture to the exterior.

Self Curbing
Exarc factory assembled, fabricated aluminum frame circular skylight with integral insulated curb to mount over circular roof opening. Standard 3" mounting flange. Standard curb height 9" available. Curb heights 4" to 24". Aluminum curb walls thickness: outer wall .090", inner wall .063". Skylight frame design to weep moisture to the exterior.

Exarc Skylights, Inc continues to improve and develop products and we reserve the right to modify or change material in this program without notice. All data herein is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However no warranty is expressed or implied. Contact Exarc Skylights for information.